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MILO T20 Blast School Cup

MILO T20 Blast School Cups are super fun, social, safe and active. Best of all, it's real cricket and it's a blast!

The MILO T20 Blast School Cup gives girls and boys the opportunity to play four action packed games of cricket in an active and social setting - all on the one day in a gala day format. Every player gets a chance to bat, bowl and field. It's an exciting atmosphere, complete with music and dancing just like the KFC T20 Big Bash League.

Be a part of the fun and excitement


Facts about the MILO T20 Blast School Cup

  • Four x 45 minute games on one day
  • Over 200,000 students participate annually representing over a thousand Australian schools
  • National competition with state and national finals
  • National finals in 2015 were held at the MCG

Benefits of getting my school involved

  • Receive various incentives and rewards
  • Events managed and coordinated by paid cricket staff with all equipment provided
  • Chance for your students to play on the MCG if your school progresses to the national final
  • A fast paced and unforgettable cricket experience for your students


What do I do on the day?

  • Supervise your students
  • Network with other teachers and cricket staff


Be a part of the fun and excitement



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