MILO T20 Blast School Cup

MILO T20 Blast School Cups are super fun, social, safe and active. Best of all, it's real cricket and it's a blast!

The MILO T20 Blast School Cup gives girls and boys the opportunity to play four action packed games of cricket in an active and social setting - all on the one day in a gala day format. Every player gets a chance to bat, bowl and field. It's an exciting atmosphere, complete with music and dancing just like the KFC T20 Big Bash League.

Facts about the MILO T20 Blast School Cup

  • Four x 45 minute games on one day
  • 200,000 students participate annually
  • Inter school competitions with regional and state finals

What benefit do I receive?

  • Receive a BBL shirt for entering a team from your school
  • Rules and all equipment provided

What do I do on the day?

  • Supervise your students
  • Network with other teachers and cricket staff


Be a part of the fun and excitement