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Cricket Smart

Cricket Smart is a free teaching resource aligned to the Australian school curriculum containing fun, creative, engaging lessons that leverage the game of cricket to drive learning.

Teachers have access to free cricket themed lesson plans, including high quality tools and resources to enhance their students learning experience, including short-films starring some of Australia’s best cricket players. Similarly, the Student Zone provides tools, resources and other materials for students to help complete tasks and activities.

Cricket Smart includes the following units:

  • NEW UNIT Year 8-9 Mathematics - Bradman by the Numbers
  • Year 4 Science - Forces
  • Year 5 Mathematics - Statistics & Probability
  • Year 5-6 Integrated Case Study – Hosting A Cricket Tournament
  • Year 6 History - Australia as a Nation
  • Year 7 Geography - Place and Liveability
  • Year 7-10 Design & Technology- Design and Innovation Challenge
  • Year 7-10 Health & Physical Education - Movement and Physical Activity

Cricket Smart was launched in 2014 in the lead up to cricket’s most prestigious global tournament, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Cricket Australia developed the Cricket Smart units in partnership with education specialists, ITC Publications and since its launch more than 4000 teachers have registered to take advantage of this great school resource.

Explore the range of free resources and videos including the latest Bradman by the Numbers unit for Year 8-9 Mathematics students.

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