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Junior Formats

As a coach, you will play an important role educating your players and their parents about the revised formats.

Remember these key points:

  1. The new formats are designed to ensure players learn the skills and are having the most fun playing the game.
  2. With a reduced size pitch, the ball will be in play more often meaning more action and involvement from all players.
  3. The game is played over a shorter length of time because players are quicker between the overs and when rotating around the field.
  4. Parents are more likely to stick around to help because the game is player in a shorter time frame.
  5. And ultimately, the improved format makes it easier for the batters to score runs and the bowlers to take wickets.

As a coach, you’ll notice these changes at training when you use the smaller pitches and play modified versions of the games. The player’s perception of what they will be doing at cricket training might be different, but this will be quickly forgotten when they have success. It’s likely some players won’t even know the difference!

The skills of cricket don’t change, the environment you create does to allow the players to practice their skills and have fun.

The Role Of The Coach


Skills Scorecards

We want all cricketers to have every chance to maximise their cricketing skills and enjoy a successful career. With this in mind, Cricket Coaches Australia have developed new junior scorecards. The scorecards are based on best practice for assessing skills and providing feedback to your players.

You can:

  • Download and print a scorecard appropriate to the players you coach
  • Rate your players skills by completing a scorecard
  • Share the scorecard with the player

Contained in the scorecards are the skills that players should be aiming to achieve. Targeted for each indicative age group, follow the ratings on the scorecards to determine where your players are at and provide them with feedback on areas to improve. Consider completing the scorecard preseason, during the season and near the end of the season.

2016 Junior Scorecard U11.pdf (1 MB)

2016 Junior Scorecard U12.pdf (950 KB)

2016 Junior Scorecard U13.pdf (945 KB)

2016 Junior Scorecard U14.pdf (1 MB)

2016 Junior Scorecard U15.pdf (955 KB)

2016 Junior Scorecard U16.pdf (1 MB)