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How can my organisation access the funding?

  1. Read through the GCG Fund Guidelines and familiarise yourself with what the money can be used for.
  2. Application timelines vary, check the table below.
  3. Complete the appropriate application form and submit it to your local Regional Cricket Manager (RCM) or Development Manager (DM). Please click here if you are unsure who your local RCM or DM is.

If you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact your State or Territory representative.

Application Forms


Editable PDF Version

Word version

Community Cricket Association

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Cricket Club


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School Sporting Association

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Secondary School

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State & Territory Representatives

State or Territory



Phone Number


Nicola Browne


0410 671 256 

NSW | Sixers Region


Julie Stafford

0405 841 016

NSW | Thunder Region


Michelle Goszko


0407 939 967


Caitlin McBaron


0466 479 375 

South Australia

Taryn Williams


08 8300 3215


Alex King


0477 444 401 


Aimee White


0481 902 475

Western Australia

Chloe Nella


0439 857 512 


Mitch Farnell 0400 635 137